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"'s simplified collaboration tools, unlimited features, and ease of use allows a business to focus more resources on their customers. empowers the Internet to finally be an effective tool for collaboration between thousands of users and millions of ideas." — David Durant Founder, Wiki

"Wikidots beauty is its simplicity. The ease of creating a good looking website is absolutely outstanding. Perhaps the best thing however, is the knowledge that the developers are truly commited, and listen to the users." — Tom Crowley

"Wikidot - it really is an excellent service. Since I got my Wiki I have abandoned my 'traditional' personal website because editing a Wiki is so much faster and can be done from anywhere." — Dr Freya Harrison

" I have created quite a few sites over the past months. I find the entire system VERY easy to use and it's even FUN to do so. I am a member of a club and I created several sites for the club to allow the members to communicated more easily and it was a COMPLETE success. So, BRAVO for this possibility."— Henrik Silberstein

"As an open-source software developer and maintainer, I'm extremely happy with Wikidot. It provides the whole range of features needed for keeping projects information up to date, monitor the site activity and interact with others. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start a collaborative project." — Carlo Baldassi LiquidRescale GIMP plugin


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